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Can you name the known members/bannermen of House Lannister, according to the appendix of A Dance with Dragons?

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House Words
The sigil is a golden lion upon a crimson field 
Lord of Casterly Rock
Shield of Lannis-port, Warden of the West, and Hand of the King, murdered by his dwarf son in his privy 
his daughter, her brother's twin, widow of King Robert I Baratheon, a prisoner at the Great Sept of Baelor 
his son, his sister's twin, called The Kingslayer, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard 
his youngest son, called The Imp, dwarf and kinslayer, a fugitive in exile across the narrow sea 
The Lord's brother, killed by a eunuch 
The Lord's sister, married to Ser Emmon Frey, now Lord of Riverrun 
The Lord's brother, died of a pox 
The Lord's brother, lost at sea 
a cousin and brother to Lord Tywin’s wife, slain in battle at Oxcross 
a cousin, married to Lady Shiera Crake-hall 
a cousin, married to Lord Titus Peake 
Household at Casterly Rock
healer, tutor, and counselor 
captain of the guards 
a singer 
Lords of the West
Lord of Ashemark 
Lord of Crakehall 
Lord of Fair Isle 
Lord of Hornvale 
Lord of Banefort 
godfather to the Lord's brother 
Lord of Wyndhall 
Lord of the Crag 
Lord of Stackspear 
Lord of Kayce 
Lord of House Jast 
Lord of House Moreland 
Lady of House Lefford 
Lord of Deep Den 
Lord of House Plumm 
Lord of House Prest 
Sworn Swords of the West
a landed knight 
a landed knight 
a landed knight 
a landed knight 
a landed knight 
a landed knight 

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