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Can you name the known members/bannermen of House Baratheon, according to the appendix of A Dance with Dragons?

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House Words
The sigil is a crowned stag, black, on a golden field. 
Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm
Killed by a boar 
His Wife 
Their child, murdered at his wedding feast 
Their child, a ward in Sunspear 
Their child, The Boy King 
Known Bastards of the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms
In the service of Lord Nestor Royce, of the Gates of the Moon 
An outlaw in the riverlands 
Acknowledged bastard, hiding in Lys 
killed by the command of his widow, Cersei 
An unacknowledged bastard daughter who lived at the brothel called 'the Peach' in Stoney Sept. Her mother told her that she was conceived during the Battle of the Bells.  
Rebel Lord of Dragon Stone
Pretender to the Iron Throne 
His wife 
Their daughter, cursed with greyscale 
Rebel Lord of Storm's End
Pretender to the Iron Throne, murdered in the midst of his army 
His wife, twice married and twice widowed, now promised to the Boy King 
Bannermen to Storm's End - The Storm Lords
Lord of the Rainwood 
Castellan of Storm's End 
The Evenstar, Lord of Tarth 
Lord of Grassfield Keep 
The Knight of Griffin's Roost 
Lord of Crows Nest 
Lord of Harvest Hall 
Lord of the Rain house 
Lord of Felwood 
Greybeard, Lord of Grand-view 
Lord of Haystack Hall 
Lord of Stonehelm 
Lord of Blackwater, the Lightning Lord, an outlaw in the riverlands and now thought dead 
Lord of Nightsong 
Lord of Poddingfield 
Lady of Mistwood 
Lord of Bronzegate 

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