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Can you name the people and events of the 1960's?

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60's Hint
Kennedy and Nixon held the first presidential debate on this media
The US tried to remove Castro from power with this invasion
Americans volunteered in poor countries
Kennedy spoke about freedom at this wall
The 1969 US triumph of our space program
President Johnson's Agenda
Congressional law passed outlawing racial discrimination
Low cost medical insurance for Americans over 65
This country put nuclear missiles into Cuba
President during Cuban Missile Crisis
60's Hint
This European nation colonized Vietnam prior to US involvement in Vietnam
Agreement divided Vietnam into North and South
Theory that if Vietnam became communist, other south east Asian nations would fall
The Congressional resolution marking the beginning of hostilities between North Vietnam and the US
American young men were chosen by birthdate to serve in the military
North Vietnamese attack on South Vietnam during lunar New Year
US Opponents of the Vietnam War
President did not run for second term due to unpopularity of Vietnam War
President Nixon invaded this country, to stop the flow of arms on the Ho Chi Minh trail
Fall of South Vietnamese capital marked the triumph of the North Vietnamese communists

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