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Can you name the relevent fact from every day in May?

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May 1, 1862: Captain David Farragut captures this city
May 2, 1949: This 'Death of a Salesman ' Author recieves the Pulitzer Prize
May 3, 1903; 'White Christmas' singer born
May 4, 1904: Massive engineering project begins construction
May 5, 1646: The First English Civil War effectively ended on this day when he surrendered at Scotland
May 6, 1994: Approximately 16 million people use this annually since it opened on this day
May 7, 2002: 1977 Triple Crown Winner passed away on this date
May 8, 1429; French troops rescue Orleans under this leader's command
May 9, 1868: The 'Biggest Little City in the World' was founded
May 10, 1796: Napolean defeats this country at the Battle of Lodi Bridge
May 11, 1949: This country renames itself Thailand on this day
May 12, 1993: Norm, Cliff, Sam, Carla and Woody finally shutdown this bar on this date
May 13, 1961: 'High Noon' actor dies
May 14, 1935: Griffith Planetarium opens in this city
May 15, 1911: The Supreme Court breaks up this Rockefeller-owned monopoly business
May 16, 1801: Secretary of State who purchased Alaska from Russia is born
May 17, 1756: Seven Years War officially begins on this day when England declares war on this country
May 18,1897: Bram Stoker publishes this classic on this day
May 19, 1865: The Confederate President is captured by Union troops in Georgia
May 20, 1927: Charles Lindberg takes off from this airport in the first solo trans-Atlantic flight
May 21, 1881: Clara Barton founds this American relief organization
May 22, 1967: This person's Neighborhood debuts on PBS
May 23, 1813: Key figure in South American independence enters Merida and becomes known as El Liberatador
May 24, 1543: 'Heliocentric' Polish astronomer dies
May 25, 1975: Fugees and solo singer is born on this day
May 26, 1937: This San Francisco landmark opens
May 27, 1844: Samuel Morse completes his first one of these
May 28, 1892: John Muir forms this conservation group
May 29, 1848: This state becomes the 30th on this day
May 30, 1536: Jane Seymour marries this King of England
May 31, 2008: This man breaks the 100 meter record with a time 9.72 seconds

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