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QUIZ: Can you name the songs from Eurovision 2012 based on lyrics?

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Forced Order
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LyricsSongArtist (Country)
Paris to LA over the night/All around the world just you and I
As a ghost I will walk/I'll look deep in my soul
Come on and dance
If you wanna be on the hook/Then simply take a look
Baby don't you crush my soul/And make me fall
Mas entre tudo que possas ser na vida
When the world is deaf to all your cries/Just keep going
Kuula, mis räägib silmapiir
Tu dejate amarte, dejame amarte toda la vida
I just can’t believe you're gone/And I let it slip away
I know this is bound to go down as the big one.
Close your eyes/Take a trip outside your head
I´m so addicted/I feel alive
You're the man in my play ground/What you say i will obey, night and day
It's like I'm on a high now/Nothing can pull me down now
Now you, you can't even look at me/You say you're not gonna speak to me
Yo te quiero a ti, Volim te, mon cheri
Y ahora que te veo marchar/Sé que no te voy a olvidar
Look around what‘s happening abounds/And listen to the frequency of a sound
Crno i belo e se/Edna vistina i edna laga
Še pesem našla si pot bo do rim/če grem za njim.
LyricsSongArtist (Country)
As from this moment on/You and I can reach the stars,
Më lerni të qaj
What I thought would be the end/Is just the feeling that you freed me
Ma sve ti nebo vrati i zapamti svaki dug
Just like from paradise, you came down from the skies
Forever and ever together/We sail into infinity
Shake your body up/And do the dance honey
Kär utan känslor eller skratta utan ljud/ett liv utan färger det är inte du.
Are we done here?/Or starting somehow?
Nemoj mi kvariti dan/Nikad mi nije bilo teze
We could’ve written words on a mountain high
Mais on court après quoi?
Wir san Partyindiana trogn de Federn auf de Kepf
So sorry Mick, I'll call you back, someday I'll call you back.
This is a zeal from above/and it can say it all
In the morning I would wake, and my heart just couldn't wait
Idi, samo, samo, idi, tamo
You are free/To live your life/To share your love with world
Where‘s the one he used to know/It seems so long ago.
I'll let you think twice/I don't wanna cause any pressure
I got only one rule/always stay cool/like a swimming pool.

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