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Can you name the stage of developement according to Freud?

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What is the second stage of developement?
This stage involves a child's attachment to the same sex parent
What stage involved pleasure from sucking, chewing, and swallowing?
What period involves difficulty relating to the opposite sex?
Which stage involves the awakening of sexual impulses?
Which stage involves the Oedipus/Elektra complex?
In what stage does a child learn and regulate potty training?
In what stage is a child stingy and excessive?
In what stage is a child completely reliant on others?
In what stage is a person able to deal with postponed gratification?
What period involves girls interacting with girls and boys interacting with boys?
What stage is characterized by temper tantrums?
What stage is a person in once they hit puberty?
In what stage does a child discover their genitals?
What stage begins with birth?

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