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Good morning to the ... and next my ...
Thou art ... fame honour and all else
Riches are in fortune a greater good than ... in nature
I glory more in the ... purchase of my wealth
I have no wife, no parent, child ... to give my substance to
My birds of prey think me turning ...
My clients begin their visitation Vulture, ... Raven and Gor-crow
Give me my ...
The vulture's gone the old ...'s come
Hopes to ... over his grave
They kill with as much licence as a ...
This makes me ... again
Tis yours without a rival decreed by ...
So many ... attending on old age
Another ... sir
The weeping of an heir should still be ... under a visor
I could stifle him rarely with a ...
Hail the world's ... and mine
Look upon their ... and take more
Age will ...

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