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QUIZ: Can you name the Trials that Odysseus Faces?

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These people give food which make one oblivious to his/her home
The cause of Poseidon's rage against Odysseus
Giant cannibals who destroy all of Odysseus' ships, except the ship Odysseus is on
She turned Odysseus' men into swine
Odysseus went here to consult Theban Tiresias
These creatures sing beautifully to entice sailors to be drawn to their island
The whirlpool / associated with the answer to the right
Eats six of Odysseus' men as they pass by / associated with the answer to the left
Odysseus' men kill these which angered Zeus, leading to their death
Seductress who keeps Odysseus on her island for 7 years
This starts with Odysseus' stringing of his bow and shooting an arrow through 12 axes

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