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AJohnny's nickname
BKnown as the greatest soldier who ever lived
CJust sits and gives orders
DWants to die
EUses a bird as a spotter
FThe special forces unit most closely associated with the games
HDirector of the Metal Gear series
IMini game where if you die, you die
JThe emotion carried by The Boss
KThe company that produced the games
LThe 'inferior' brother
MThe sniper rifle that does not kill its target
NWeapons specialist
OThe only character present in the 4 Metal Gear Solid games
PA weapon whose magazine clip is in the shape of the infinity symbol
QBe ____ or you will notify the guards
RTryin to catch me ____ dirty / Japanese for lightning bolt
SWho else would it be but the main character?
TUse this with Moss camo to increase stamina
USergei Gurlukovich's daughter's weapon on the Tanker chapter
VThe only Dead Cell member on this list
WThe organization that produces the 'Philosopher's Legacy'
XThe informant on the Plant chapter
YMask that is acquired for Europe
ZOne of the original Patriots

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