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Can you name the Final Fantasy VII elements for each letter of the alphabet?

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Letter (#)AnswerHint
A (5)A flower girl
B (4, 7)The Lunar Harp is here
C (11)Barret's level 4 limit
D (6)Mayor of Midgar
E (5)The newest Turk
F (4, 6)Home to a huge bird
G (7)The sunken Shinra plane
H (4)Spell summoned by the white materia
I (5)Fire-elemental summon
J (6)The calamity from the sky
K (11)The Cetra's name for the northern continent
L (10)Spiritual energy that courses through the planet
M (6, 5)The giant snake outside the Mythril Mines
Letter (#)AnswerHint
N (6)Red XIII's real name
O (9)Cloud's level 4 limit
P (6)Head of Shinra's space department
Q (6, 5)Cast paired materia's magic 4 times
R (5)Lightning elemental summon
S (4)Red XIII's father
T (5)Joe's chocobo
U (6, 6)Cloud's best sword
V (5, 6)Cid's best spear
W (6)Creatures who protect the planet
X (1-6)Item fully cures HP
Y (6)A materia hunter
Z (4)Cloud bases his life on this guy

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