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QUIZ: Can you name the characters who die during the events of Final Fantasy Tactics?

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Forced Order
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Details of deathCharacter
Poisoned by Dycedarg at Igros Castle
Stabbed by Wiegraf at Sand Rat Cellar
Killed by Ramza's Party at Lenalia Plateau
Shot by Algus at Fort Zeakden
Killed along with the Black Sheep Knights by the Ryomoku
Killed by Queklain at Lionel Castle
Killed in a duel with Ramza at Lionel Castle's gates
Killed by Ramza's party at Lionel Castle
Executed by Delita for his involvement in the plot to kidnap Ovelia
Killed by the Temple Knights at Orbonne Monastery
Killed by Hashmalum at Riovanes Castle
Killed by Ramza's party at Riovanes Castle
Thrown off of the roof of Riovanes by Lede
Killed by Ramza and Delita at Zeltennia Church
Killed in battle by Ramza at Bed Desert
Details of deathCharacter
Stabbed by Dycedarg near Bethla Garrison
Willingly stabbed by Delita while posing as Orlandu
Betrayed and stabbed by Delita
Defeated by Ramza and Meliadoul at Zeltennia Castle
Killed by Delita at Zeltennia Castle (possibly)
Killed by Adramelk at Igros Castle
Killed by Ramza's party at Igros Castle
Killed by Wiegraf and Rofel at Murond Holy Place
Reanimated by Lucavi and again killed by Ramza
Killed by Ramza at Orbonne Monastery
Sacrifices himself to resurrect St Ajora
Killed by Ramza and Alma at the Graveyard of Airships
Killed in an explosion at the Graveyard of Airships (likely not, though)
Stabbed one another
Burned at the stake as a heretic

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