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Great Britain, France, and Russia were all apart of what alliance?
Who assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife?
Germany, Austria–Hungary, and Italy were all apart of what alliance?
When did the United States join the war effort?
WW1 is also known as
What major influenza epidemic spread during the war?
What did the US use to keep in touch with Europe during the war?
Who did germany give a blank check to?
What is it called to love your own country and to hate anyother country?
What is it called to get ready for a war?
What is it called when a country starts drafting people into the war?
When factories were forced to make war products is called
Whoever killed the most in ww1 ______.
Name one type of power that was used in the war.
What type of gas did they use as a defensive weapons
WHat is it called when everyone participates in the war effort?
Who was the prince of Austro-Hungarian Empire?
The kill ratios were dependent on _____.
Name one of the four general causes of the war.
Who attacked serbia first?
Who got involved at the end of the war?
Name one of The big Four?
Autocracy, Democracies, and The Russian Switches are the types of _______.
When did Influenza, blockade, US's seperate Peace happen
Name a style of warfare used in WWI.

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