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Name the Weasleys
What is their blood status
What does Arthur ask Harry
What does Molly give the kids for Christmas
Where does Arthur work
Which department
What do they rescue Harry with in the chanber of secrets
what is the name of the tree that breaks Ron's wand
what is the family owl's name
what is the name of Ron's rat
who is really
What position do the twins play on the Gryffindore quidditch team
what position does ron tryout for in the half-blood prince
what position does Ginny play
who did Ginny go to the Yule ball with
who does Ron go to the Yule ball with
who does Fred go with to the Yule ball
what is the twin's joke shop called
what invention do the use to listen in on a meeting with
what boxes do the twins sell at Hogwarts
how much money does Harry give them
what did they use in the middle of the great hall when Umbridge was the DADA professor
what pet does Ginny have
what is its' name
who does Ginny end up with
oldest child
middle child
youngest child
who does Ron end up with
oldest child
youngest child
Who does Molly kill during the battle
which Weasley is killed

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