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team leader, 3 ex wives, 1 dead wife, knows nothing aboutmodern technology
used to be a baltimore cop, gibbs wannabe, he once made out with a guy
used to protect the president, was shot and killed by a terrorist,
Mossad oficer/assasin, shows no emotions, half brother killed kate
was Gibbs's partner long time ago, director of NCIS, is killed in an abandoned diner in LA
kiled kate, Ziva's half brother
old scottish guy, is an ME, loves golf, talkes to dead people
Is a medical assistant, listens to an ipod while Ducky talks, gets shot by Ari
Is a medical assistant, has no sence of humor, Is dating Agent Lee
Is dating Palmer works in the legal department, gets shot by gibbs
was Gibbs's boss, lives in mexico, his son died
is a french arms dealer, Jenny has been hunting him for many years, is killed on his yacht
Tonys girlfriend, is a doctor, father is an arms dealer
chews toothpicks, is really anoying, split up Gibbs's team
goth, forensic scientist, has a farting hippo
CIA agent, killed the frog, hates Tony's guts
NCIS agent, First worked at a prison, died saving a room full of people
Marine who was using drugs to make him really strong, comes back as a part of an assult team, worked for Colonel Bell
MIT nerd, NCIS agent, writes under an alias
FBI agent, married Gibbs's 2nd wife, best friends with Gibbs
Jenny's secretary
Works for Army CID, Gibbs's girlfriend
Tim's sister, her boyfriend was killed
NCIS agent, sat behind Kate, was murdered

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