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Can you name the common phrases including silverware?

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Soundgarden song; all his friends are brown and red
This classic song's lyrics were originally by Bertolt Brecht
When you come to one of these, take it
Paris Hilton was born with one of these in her mouth
This Japanese implement starred in the first infomercial
This magazine reviews indie bands like Spoon
Mary Poppins taught us that one of these helps the medicine go down
Oscar-winning actress from Louisiana
You might use one of these to lift pallets
'Between a rock and a hard place' epitomizes this no-win dilemma
It's a corkscrew! It's tweezers! Stop, you're both right!
A tractor-trailer often gets into an accident by doing this
'The lord is a shoving leopard', e.g.
Split-fingered fastball variant
Do not try to bend the spoon; that's impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth.
One of these will help you find C
What's on your screen right now
What you might do to this quiz when it's done

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