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the measure of how much work we can get from each unit of energy we use
involves using a combined heat and power system
system when two useful forms of energy are produced from the same fuel source
this provides houses and other buildings with the heat they need
captures energy from the sun by pumping a heat absorbing fluid placed on the roof of a house
this is also known as solar cells
thin wafers of purified silicon or polycrystalline silicon with trace amounts of metal allowing electricity to be produced
heat stored in soil, underground rocks, and fluids in the earth's mantle
using wind to produce electricity is an important step toward this
can produce electricity and it gets its energy from wind
also known as wind parks and can be located on land of off shore
this consists of plant materials and animal waste
examples are sugarcane and cotton stalks
a liquid biofuel that is produced from vegetable oils
used in place of petroleum based diesel fuel and gasoline
produced from inedible cellulose that makes up most of the biomass of plants
use this to capture geothermal energy
another source of geothermal energy found 5 or more kilometers underground
based on energy efficient and money saving designs
roofs covered with soil and vegetation; also known as living roofs

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