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Origin of NameCompanyYear Founded
A spelling variation on the founder's last name1937
Comes from the acronym for High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle1992
Named after a founder of Detroit 1902
Means 'great universe' in Korean1967
Named after the messenger of the gods in Roman mythology1939
Latin translation of the founder's last name, Horch1909
German for 'people's car'1937
Origin of NameCompanyYear Founded
An acronym for Svenska Aeroplanaktiebolaget1947
Translates to 'present age' in Korean1967
Named after founder Henry M. Leland's hero1917
Means 'son' or 'descendant' 2002
Comes from the parent company's plan to form a Luxury Export to the US1989
Named for a Native American chief from Ottawa1907

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