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Can you name the games by their descriptive haikus??

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In a dark future/A conspiracy unfolds/He wanted orange
Washington D.C./After the nukes blew it up/But it's kind of green
An angry dead girl/You kill dudes in slow motion/Just a bit scary
Radiation storm/The Zone claims another life/We need more vodka
A nuclear winter/In the Moscow underground/Your guns kinda suck
A darker L.A./Creatures of night rule the streets/Do not open it!
Well the writing's good/Reviewers hated it though/Because it's buggy
Back to the planet/Shoot aliens in the face/Where it all began
Spikey-haired douchebag/Fights a silver-haired douchebag/With his messed up friends
4 people with guns/4 million running zombies/The bots play better
A wide open sandbox/Kill zombies with lawnmowers/He has covered wars
Zombie film tie-in/Not bad for a budget game/But still kinda bad
We waited this long/And it's not even that great/Oh well, who wants lunch
Film noir in slo-mo/Does he have constipation?/Capping those mofos
It's in black and white/And you will die a whole lot/It's worth the ten bucks
Searching for the clues/Adultery's illegal?/Well that's just messed up
The cake is a lie/If you do not get this one/You're really stupid
Set in the 60s/Story's actually deep/For this kind of game
Anti-nuke message/How do genetics shape us?/Dude hides in a box
It used to be good/Then the hats ruined it all/Well, the players too

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