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Who worked at the Central Perk?
How many sisters does Rachel have?
Who got a spray tan?
How many babies were born on the show?
What was Phoebe's twin sisters name?
What kind of car did Jack Geller give Monica?
What was Ross angry over at work?
Where did Ross and Rachel get married?
Who had the red sweater?
What show was Phoebe's doctor obsessed with when she was in labor?
Who did Danny Devito play?
Who does Joey play on Days of Our Lives?
Who played Parker, the man Phoebe dated?
Who sings the opening song?
What is the Joey Special?
Which famous person does Phoebe believe is her grandfather?
What does Ross say Rachel's traditional English trifle tastes like?
What high school did Ross, Monica, and Rachel go to?
What country does Chandler tell Janice he is moving to?
What fruit is Ross allergic to?
What is the name of Joey's stuffed animal?
What sport did Monica play in high school?
What game show does Joey audition for?

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