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Can you name the following Switchfoot songs based on their synopses?

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How to PlayForced Order
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You can't take it with youmultiple answers
I don't think TV pundits are trustworthyVice Verses
The realities of heaven aren't just for latermultiple answers
The one that got awayThe Legend of Chin
Though it's easy to blame others, my problems come from withinmultiple answers
Nightmares of classic fictional characters who yearned for a different life can make me more grateful for mineOh! Gravity
The world can make me sad, but in the story of global redemption, things have to go down before they come upmultiple answers
Sometimes I treat life like a board game about accumulating wealthNew Way to Be Human
It's sort of impossible to escape the presence and messages of the mediamultiple answers
The night sky reminds me of something greaterNothing is Sound
Remembering a lost loved onemultiple answers
My whole life is lived to the melody of your loveHello Hurricane
Everything hinges on You, not memultiple answers
I'm so over high schoolThe Legend of Chin
We tend to settle for the easy road in our search for love, though it's worse for usmultiple answers
Reflecting on twenty-three years of life, I know it is God's renewal that mattersThe Beautiful Letdown
Philosophical materialism isn't truemultiple answers

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