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the color of blood (3) 
fine or wonderful (3) 
a temporary fashion (3) 
a fairy (3) 
what birds do (3) 
a viral infection (3) 
the color of the sky (4) 
a chimney passage for smoke (4) 
to run away (4) 
no fee or charge (4) 
the color of grass (5) 
head covering (3) 
flying mammal (3) 
automated of software (3) 
kind of snake (3) 
cold weather garment (4) 
a small ship (4) 
to strike repeatedly (4) 
not straight (4) 
monetary unity (4) 
singsong speech (4) 
leg coverings (5) 
a feline pet (3) 
a light portable bed (3) 
denial or negation (3) 
the egg or young of a parasite (3) 
to use a chair (3) 
respectful term for a man (3) 
feathered flyer (4) 
a singing storyteller (4) 
where people go to drink (4) 
Knight of the round table (4) 
arabian or thoroughbred (5) 

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