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First LineSong
We're crashing cars we used to share
I've got that lefty curse where everything I do is flipped
So there you are and here I stand
Wake up, try on your new disguise
It's a drunken midnight on the streets
I've got myself to blame for this
My eyes can't believe what they have seen
Excuse me, yeah, I'm talking to you!
Do you think you're up for this?
Don't try and tell me you've been looking at me
We've got one chance to break out and we need it now
It's winter again, a whitewashed and frozen sky
Don't be so scared, we will not lead you on like you've been doing for weeks
First LineSong
Like a cold day in August, I was not prepared for this
So listen up, I worked in daylight feeding fashion to housewives
Look like a lush, talk like a tease
Wake up, think fast, three weeks have passed
I said, 'Hey you, this is me'
I took a step back as the room was filling up
Subjects are thrown around the room looking for the ones that got away
Close the door and take the stairs, up or down, ups and downs
If you're under the impression I'm alright
Forever alone, until I found you
I've noticed, people, they all have motives
She said, 'You can't stay a saint that long in the city'

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