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First LineSong
I ride east every other Friday
I know they say you can't go home again
She grew up on the side of the road
Well I don't understand why we do what we do to each other
What if I said yes? What if I'd gone out that night?
Say you're sorry, that face of an angel comes out just when you need it to
She's got Brazilian leather boots on the pedal of her German car
I set out on a narrow way many years ago
Hank Williams sang it, Number 3 drove it
Imagine a dirt road full of potholes
First LineSong
I feel no shame, I'm proud of where I came from
Well it's a long way from Star, Mississippi
Well you know those times when you feel like there's a sign there on your back
Got the news on Friday morning but a tear I couldn't find
God I'm down here on my knees 'cause it's the last place left to fall
I got no money in my pockets
I'll be there in the back of your mind from the day we met to you making me cry
Little boy, six years old, a little to used to being alone
Roll into town, step off the bus
A lot of people called it prison when I was growing up

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