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Can you name the horror films from the given tips??

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Cabin, Contaminated Water, Pancakes
Jigsaw, Pig Mask, Clown
Airport, Blondes, Human Trafficking
Color Red, Woods, Isolated Town
Demon, Abused Woman, Obsessed Unseen Force
Old Mansion, Nazi, Zombies
St.Bernard, Rabies, Castle Rock
Zombies, Apartments, Handheld camera
Golf Ball, Shotgun, Family
Murder, Evil House, 112 Ocean Avenue
Vintage Car, Supernatural, Stephen King
Husband Problems, Asylum, 'Not Alone'
Montag the Magnificent, Magic Show, Herschell Gordon Lewis
Orphanage, Ghosts, Simon
Pacific Ocean, Kidnapped Wife, Sinking Boat
Yacht, Sex Party, Accident
Jack the Ripper, Investigation, Johnny Depp
Old War Bunker, Trapped, Thora Birch
Bathtub, Mary Feur, Affair
Mothman, Point Pleasant, Paranormal
Chair, Hell Dimension, Abandoned Asylum
Wilderness, Inbred Locals, River Rafting Trip
Bugs, Crazy Christian Woman, Supermarket
Mutated Cannibals, West Virginia Woods, Car Crash
Unborn Baby, Satanic Cult, The Castavet's
Delinquets, Milk Bar, Singing In The Rain
Fiddler's Green, Dead Reckoning, Zombies
Brazil, Tourists, Black Market
Burglar, Caged People, Brother and Sister
Hawaii, Hiking Trail, Newlyweds
Mildred Kemp, Wright Children, Explosion
Teeth, Women Anatomy, Accidental Killing
Crazy Woman, Husband Suicide, Greenhouse
Camp Arawak, Angela Baker, Teen Murders
Dybbuk, Twin Brother, Exorcism

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