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Can you name the horror films from the given tips??

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Mina, Harker, Vampires
Boarded House, Barbara, Zombies
Axe, Resort, Hedge Maze
Cave, Girls, Claustrophobia
Burkittesville, Coffin Rock, Mary Brown
Leatherface, Cannibals, Texas
Mall, Zombies, Riots
Eli, Swimming Pool, 'Squeal Like A Pig'
'I See Dead People'
Motel, Shower, Bates
Count Orlok, Vampire, Blood
Car Crash, Carnival, The Man
Aliens, Water, Crop Circles
Cannibals, Turtle, Devour
Babysitters, Laurie, Myers
Halloween, Samhain, Werewolves
Lake, Hockey Mask, Machete
Dreams, Metal Fingers, Burnt Face
Deformed People, Hills, Desert
Bela Lugosi, 'Murder' Legendre, Zombie
The Creeds, Cemetary, Wendigo
Pinhead, Cenobites, Frank
Popcorn, Scary Movies, Sidney
Pigs Blood, Crazy Mother, Telekinesis
Lake, Krug, Revenge
Purgatory, Vietnam, Hallucinations
Virus, Monkeys, Zombies
Sign Language, Esther, Adoption
Possessed, Green Vomit, Head Twisting
Damien, Devil, Richard Donner
'They're Here', Television, Clown
Pennywise, Sewers, Clown
Airplane, Pen, Jack Ripner
Werewolves, Hollywood, Transformation
Demon,Hand Held Camera, Haunted
Gypsy, Button, Lamia
Moving Trees, Ash, Cabin
Writer, Car Crash, Hammer
Ghosts, Hill, House
Torment, After Death, Witness
Hill House, Eleanor, Research
Mirrors, Hoodoo, Black Magic
Town, Pyramid Head, Transformation
Alaska, Night, Vampires
New York, Bob Marley, Ground Zero
Man in the Mask,'Because You Were Home', Dollface
Slovakia, Art Exhibit, Factory
Ballet, Coven, Dario Argento
Neigbors, Spying, Thorwald
John Ryder, Hitchhiking, Severed Finger
Shark, Ocean, Spielberg
Space, Aliens, Nostromo
Schwarzenegger, Commandos, Central American Jungle
New York City, Skull Island, Ann Darrow
Gas Station, Split Personality, 'Nothing Will Come Between Us Anymore'
Birds, Attack, Hitchcock
Axe, Demon Slayers, Basement
Ship, Dead People, Betrayal
Second Sight, Sam Raimi, Missing Girl
Babysitter, Phone Calls, Stranger

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