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American honeymooners in Hungary are trapped in the home of a Satan- worshiping priest when the bride is taken there for medical help following a road accident.
A scientist finds a way of becoming invisible, but in doing so, he becomes murderously insane.
A doctor experiments with an addicting drug to prove that there are evil and good impulses in men.
Villagers begin dying of blood loss and the town fathers suspect a resurgence of vampirism.
An ex-vaudeville actor gifted at impersonation assists a mad scientist to reanimate corpses and soon goes mad himself.
A homicidal maniac known as 'The Cat' escapes from an asylum and sets up a night filled with murders, mysteries, and intrigue.
A brilliant surgeon obsessed with Poe saves the life of a beautiful dancer and goes mad when he can't have her.
A skilled barber lures wealthy customers into his shop whose corpses are then used as ingredients for meat pies.
After hapless pianist and ex-con John Elman is framed for murder, he is resurrected by a scientist after his execution.
Set in France in 1880. A series of murders is attributed to a Wolf Man.
Horror classic in which an obsessed scientist assembles a living being from parts of exhumed corpses.
An Egyptologist returns from the dead to take revenge on those who have violated his tomb.
A circus' beautiful trapeze artist agrees to marry the leader of side-show performers, but his deformed friends discover she is only marrying him for his inheritance.
An ancient vampire arrives in England and begins to prey upon the virtuous young Mina.
An insane surgeon's obsession with an actress leads him to replace her wounded pianist's hands with the hands of a knife murderer which still have the urge to throw knives.
A traveler obsessed with the supernatural visits an old inn and finds evidence of vampires.
A group of travelers are admitted to a gloomy, foreboding mansion belonging to the extremely strange Femm family.
Ignoring an ancient prophecy, evil brother Gregor seeks to maintain his feudal power on his his Tyrolean estate by murdering and impersonating his benevolent younger twin.
An obsessed scientist conducts profane experiments in evolution, eventually establishing himself as the self-styled demigod to a race of mutated, half-human abominations.
A young man turns to a witch doctor to lure the woman he loves away from her fiance, but instead turns her into a zombie slave.
Sylvia Walton returns from Harlem to take over a Jamaican plantation from her vindictive half-sister, amid the growing sound of drums.
An international expedition is sent into Cambodia to destroy an ancient formula that turns men into zombies.
A mad scientist builds his classic monster a mate
The juice of a rare Tibetan flower is the only thing that keeps Dr. Glendon from turning into a werewolf during a full moon.
An ancient Egyptian priest called Imhotep is brought back to life after an archaeologist accidentally reads a life-giving spell.
Hungarian countess Marya Zaleska seeks the aid of a noted psychiatrist, in hopes of freeing herself of a mysterious evil influence.
A mad scientist abducts young virgin women and injects them with ape blood to create a mate for his talking sideshow ape.
A doctor comes into contact with a meteorite and is exposed to strong radiation and he slowly begins to lose his mind.
A wisecracking New York reporter intrudes on a research scientist's quest to unmask The Moon Killer.
When a nobleman is murdered, a professor of the occult blames vampires; but not all is what it seems.
An escaped Devil's Island convict uses miniaturized humans to wreak vengeance on those that framed him.
A hotshot reporter and a young doctor team up to investigate a series of grisly murders and a mysterious sample of synthetic blood.
A reporter comes to believe that a deranged museum owner is stealing corpses and using them as wax figures in his exhibits.
People in an old dark house on a stormy night are menaced by a killer ape.
A collector of zoo animals uses the animals to commit murders.
A crazed scientist murders his wife, walls her up, then flees. A reporter sets out to track him down.
A film crew goes to a tropical island for an exotic location shoot and discovers a colossal giant gorilla who takes a shine to their female blonde star.
A masked criminal sets his sights on a country mansion filled with assorted characters and the spoils from a robbery.
Through hypnotism and telepathic mind control, a sinister music maestro controls the singing voice, but not the heart, of the woman he loves.

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