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The first written mention of Scotch whisky is from year 1X95 - what number is X?
Where, and *only* where, can Scotch be produced?
What is the only type of grain allowed to be used in the production of Scotch single malt whisky?
Only two substances can be legally added to the finished product before bottling - one is water, the other is...?
Most Scottish whisky distilleries are no longer owned by Scots. What is the largest distiller to remain (as at end of 2016) in Scottish ownership?
What is the best-selling Scotch in the world, selling more than the next three combined?
What is the minimum alcoholic strength (% ABV) required, for a product to be sold as 'Scotch whisky'?
...and the minimum age of cask maturation required before bottling or selling?
To what alcoholic strength (% ABV) is Scotch whisky usually distilled to, ie. what strength is the stuff that emerges from the still?
Diageo is by far the largest producer of Scotch - name one of the other top-6 producers?
Name one Scottish single malt whisky starting with 'Glen'
What is the largest Scotch single malt producing region in terms of number of distilleries (40+)?
...and what is the smallest, with only 3 distilleries?
Name one Islay single malt
In value terms, the USA was in 2015 the largest export market for Scotch - name one of the next three (places 2/3/4) markets?
There are two Scotch single malts starting with O - name either of them?

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