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QUIZ: How well do you know the story of Bruce Springsteen's 'Johnny 99'?

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What is the real name of 'Johnny 99'?
Where was the 'auto plant' he used to work at?
BONUS QUESTION: Where is this place? -OR- What car plant was it? (Neither is actually mentioned in the lyrics, you just have to know...)
What job did he get next?
What had he been drinking when he came home 'too drunk'?
What did he do, what was his actual crime?
In front of which club did the off-duty cop slap cuffs on him?
What was the name of the judge, when his case came before the court?
How long a sentence did the judge hand down?
Who stood up in court and pleaded the judge not to take him away?
What problems was he listing in his final defence statement?
Who has famously covered this song, and even named the album after it?

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