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How well do you know the story of Bruce Springsteen's 'Highway Patrolman'?

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What is the highway patrolman's (HwPm) first name?
What is his last name?
His rank?
And he's posted to Perrineville, barracks number...?
Where is this famous Perrineville? (Not actually mentioned in the lyrics, you just have to know...)
What's his brother's name?
What is the HwPm's wife's name?
The falling prices of which commodity caused the HwPm to have to sell his farm and take up his current job?
What time did the call arrive saying the brother had been in a fight?
Where was the said trouble?
How fast did the HwPm estimate he drove to go looking for his brother?
Where did he finally spot his brother?
What was the brother driving?
With what plates?
Where did the brother finally escape to?
And last but not least, what was the name of the song they all danced to?

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