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Can you think of a job title that fits both job descriptions?

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Description 1Job titleDescription 2
The leader of a musical ensembleOne who collects fares and assists passengers, especially on a bus or train
An adjudicator in a sporting, artistic, etc. contestOne who presides over a court of law
One who secures and/or realises the assets of a company pending lawsuit or bankruptcyA position in American and Canadian football
The operator of a gambling table, especially cardsOne who buys and sells eg. art, antiques, cars, etc.
A member of an organisation's boardOne in charge of the making of a film
The operator of a railway locomotiveOne engaged in the development or implementation of technological solutions
One who represents a client, eg. a musical or sporting talentAn authorised operator usually engaged in espionage or law enforcement work
A senior hospital-based physician or surgeon especially in the UK and the CommonwealthA professional or expert adviser
A position in rugby footballA colloquial term for a type of sex worker
The master of a vessel, legally in charge of itA commissioned officer (mainly in the army), usually in charge of a company or similar unit

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