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Can you name the Fable: The Lost Chapters rivals?

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Quotes from or about rivalRivalsignature strengths or attacks
'Well, I'm rather fond of my soul. I'm not giving it up without a fight. Let's do this!'
'Draw your blade, guild puppet. Let's see what you're made of!'
'But I am _______, and mine is a warrior's soul.'
'Now go. Unless you're here to take my soul. You've taken everything else.'
'You can't win, boy. The world belongs to Jack now.'
'You have been given too much power, and it has corrupted you.'
'I am no mortal man. The gods and demons you fear and worship are as nothing to me!'
'It's your blood next. Then I will make this world burn!'
'Your bow may prove useful against the _______'
'But now, round 8. The final battle. I give you _______'
'Don't do it, farm boy. We agreed. Just walk out.'
'I think those barriers are connected to this thing!'

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