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Can you name the answers to these facts about Buffalo??

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Which US President was sworn into office in Buffalo?
Besides chicken wings, what food is a Buffalo specialty?
Which US President was once Sheriff of Erie County, the county in which Buffalo lies?
During a 1985 bliizzard, Buffalo's mayor advised residents to stay home and enjoy a six pack. Who was that mayor?
From 1970 to 1978, Buffalo had an NBA team, the Braves. What is that team called today?
The land on which Buffalo and much of Western New York lies once belonged to a group of Dutch investors. What was the name of that group?
On a breezy day in downtown Buffalo, one can smell the aroma of a certain food product manufactured at a nearby mill. What is that food product?
Which longtime Buffalo establishment is credited with first creating Buffalo-style chicken wings?
Prior to the construction of Rich Stadium, now known as Ralph Wilson Stadium, the Buffalo Bills played at War Memorial Stadium. What was that stadium's common nickname?
From 1972 to 1979, the Bufalo Sabres had one of the NHL's most exciting lines. Comprised of Gilbert Perrault, Richard Martin and Rene Robert, what was it called?
Buffalo gew rapidly during the mid-1800s, thanks to being the western terminus on a newly opened waterway. What is that waterway?
For several years after it was completed in 1896, a Buffalo office building was considered the largest in the world.What is the name of that building which is still standing today?
Buffalo lies on the shores of Lake Erie and near to Lake Ontario. Because of their enormous size, these lakes do not freeze over. What common snow-causing occurrence results?
Which of these celebs is not from Buffalo? Former NFL QB Ron Jaworski, Chicago Backhawk Patrick Kane, former NBA star Bob Lanier, Baseball Hall of Famer Warren Spahn, or current NF
Ture or false, Buffalo once ranked as high as the 8th most populous US city?

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