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occurs when air pollutants are transported at high altitudes by evaporation and winds from tropical and temperate areas to the polar areas
can cause pollutants to build to high levels
sometimes reffered to as acid rain
acid deposition is mostly a
CaCo3 or limestone are
a solution that reduces or eliminates the emissions of sulfer dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and particulates
studies have linked various air pollutants found in buildings to a number of health problems that were come to be known as
this can seep in from the ground of houses from underground rocks
this chemical in colorless and highly irritating. also referred to as being the number 1 thing that causes people in more developed countries difficulty
1 limit EPA set to protect human health
this limit was set by the EPA to prevent enviormental and property damage
stands for HAPs
stands for TRI
this was created in order to try and reduce SO2 emissions
scientists want to shift the focus on controlling ourdoor air pollution to

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