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UNEP stands for
a thin blanket of gases that surround the earth
the number of molecules per unit of air volume
this is term is refered to the study of weather over short period of time
logn term study of weather patterns and conditions of a particular area
75-80% of earth's air mass is found in the
the atmosphere's second layer
roughly found 17-26 kilometers above sea level
the presence of cehmicals in the atmosphere in high enough concentrations to harm organisms
chemicals or sunstances emitted directly into the air form natural procsses and human activity
effcts of primary pollutants reacting with other natural compnents in the air
biggest pollution threat, caused by the burning of wood, charcoal, or coal
odorless, tastless, and invisible toxic gas
occurs after nitrogen and oxygen gas react under high combustion temperatures
colorless and oderless gas that has 93% made up from its natural cyle
NO reacts with oxygen to form
a mixture of chemcials formed under the influence of sunlight in cities with heavy traffic
collectively NO and NO2 are called
colorless gas with an unplseant odor
consits of microscopic suspended droplets of sulferic acid and suspended particles of sulfate salts
consits of a variety of solit particles and liquid droplets that are small and light enough to remian suspeneded in air for long periods of time
colorless abd highly reactive gas. a major component for photochemical smog
ozone in the troposphere near ground level is
ozone in the stratosphere is
VOC stands for
a greenhouse gas that is 20x more effective at warming the atmosphere through the greenhouse effect
people living in large cities with a long of coal burning activities are exposed to
photochemical smog is sometimes referred to ths because NO is converted to NO2 giving it a reddish brown color
these chemicals can cause damage and react/oxidize certain compounds in the atmosphere or inside our lungs
gravity helps settle some pollutants because
these partically cleanse the air of pollutants
this washes many pollutants from the air that flows from land over the ocean
this sweeps pollutants away and mixes them with cleaner air
this promotes chemical reactions leading to the formation of photochemical smog
trees and plants in heavily wooded urban areas can emit

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