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things that cause birth defects to the fetus
this system is made up of specialized cells that protect the body
these can cause harm to the nervous system. also found in some natural or synthetic chemicals
brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves all form what
this is an exceptionally dangerous neurotoxic
these transmit chemical messages to the body from hormones
this is something that can attact and distrupt natural hormones in people and animals
these are hormones that disrupt the endocrine system by preventing natural hormones from attaching to their receptors
estrogen mimics and hormone blockers are often refered to as
this can cause weight control problems, a HAA pullutant, and can cause brain disorders
TSCA stands for what
the study of the harmful effects of chemicals on humans and other organisms
the measure of the harmfulness of a substance
the amount of a harmful chemical that a person has obtained
MCS stands for what
the ability to disolve in water
resistance to breakdown
damage to health resulting from exposure to a chemical is called the
an immediate effect from something
long-lasting effect from something
the dose it would take to kill the animal it is being tested on
the dose that can kill up to 50% of the animals it is being tesed on
ways scientists estimate the toxicity of a chemical
any dosage of a toxin that causes harm that increases with the dosage
this is where there must be a certain level of dosage to reach before showing signs of harm
something physicians provide about information about people suffering from adverse health effects
a source of information which compares the health of people exposed to a particular chemical compared to a controlled group that has not
scientists have been pushing for greater emphasis on
this principle says that if we see that any chemicals, technology, or activity is harmign humans, we should take action now and not wait from more evidence
POPs stand for what
involves identifying hazards and evaluating their associated risks
the belief that risks rhat apply to other people do not apply to them

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