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controls sexual reproduction
Femal Sex hormones
Chemicals that can mimic hormones
Both male and femal organs are present
estimate of likelihood of a certain event
saying an event could happen
the probability of suffering from a hazard
Process of estimating how much damage a particular harzard can cause to humans or the enviorment
deciding how to reduce a particular risk
this is something that happens when a pathogen, virus, or parasite invades the body
TB is an example of this disease
the flu is an example of this disease
also refered to as contagious or communicable diseases
this disease does not spread from one person to another
an organism that can cause disease in another organism
from harmful chemicals in the air, water, soil, or food
examples: fire, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and floods
unsafe working conditions, criminal assult, poverty
drinking, unsafe sex, and smoking are examples of
a large scale outbreak of an infectious disease in an area is called an
a global epidemic is called a
WHO stands for what
many disease carrying bacteria are still a threat today because they have developed
this is a form of incurable tb
the biggest killer
second biggest viral killer
third largest viral killer
diesases that developed in the last 20 years or just newly discovered
goes hand and hand with HIV and degrades the immune system
this is known as a rare form of caner
a new interdisciplinary field dedicated to tracking down unwanted connections with animals and humans
helps prevent the deaths of those who suffer from extreme dehydration from severe diarrhea
a chemical that can cause temporary or premanent harm to humans or animals
things that can cause or promote cancer
second major type of toxic agents

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