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Malaysia Quiz 2020

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Flag name
Capital City
Federal Administrative Capital
Largest City
Official Language
Recognised Language
Official Religion
Type of Government
Head of State Title
Head of State
Prime Minister
Independence of the Federation of Malaya
Proclamation of Malaysia
Secession of Singapore
Total Area in km^2 (nearest 1,000)
Population (nearest 1,000,000)
Time Zone (in UTC)
Driving Side
Calling Code
Internet Domain
National Animal
National Flower
Number of States
Number of Federal Territories
Number of Land Borders
Number of Prime Ministers
Number of States with a Sultan
Largest City in Johor
Largest City in Kedah
Largest City in Kelantan
Largest City in Malacca
Largest City in Negeri Sembilan
Largest City in Pahang
Largest City in Penang
Largest City in Perak
Largest City in Perlis
Largest City in Sabah
Largest City in Sarawak
Largest City in Selangor
Largest City in Terengganu
UN Member Country that Malaysia does not Recognise
Southernmost Point of Malaysia
Water Body between Sumatra and Peninsular Malacca
Sea Separating West and East Malaysia
Sea in between East Malaysia and Philippines
Sea in between East Malaysia and Indonesia
Island that East Malaysia is on
Mountain Range Separating West and East Coasts of West Malaysia
Largest Mountain Range
Highest Point
Largest Island
Longest River
Largest Cave Systems
Number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Tallest Building

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Created May 16, 2020ReportNominate
Tags:2020, Malaysia

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