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In-N-Out's secret menu contains this option, which (for burgers) includes mustard-grilled patties along with extra onions, pickles and spreadA
Flavor of Mountain Dew originally exclusive to Taco Bell restaurantsB
Chick-Fil-A uses these animals for advertising, telling patrons to 'Eat Mor Chikin'C
This KFC offering, released in 2010, consists of bacon, cheese, and sauce pinched in between two chicken filletsD
Longtime Subway slogan, calling to the quality of its ingredientsE
Jerry Murnell and his four sons were the namesake of this fast-casual chainF
Purple, anthropomorphic character featured in McDonaldland commericals until 2003G
The first name of Colonel SandersH
This Subway sandwich option was originally named as an homage to the Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit lineI
Jack in the Box's flagship hamburgerJ
Businessman who opened the first franchised McDonald's location in 1955K
Popeye's slogan paying tribute to where the chain got its startL
Burger King headquarters are located in the surrounding area of this major American cityM
The original Doritos Locos Taco from Taco Bell had this flavored shellN
Since 2012, all Dairy Queen locations offer drinks from this subsidiaryO
Four-letter stock ticker symbol for Papa John'sP
Fast-casual burrito eatery and Jack in the Box subsidiaryQ
Sonic Drive-In hosts an annual competition where its carhops show off their skills doing thisR
Pizza Hut introduced this option in 1995, encouraging patrons to 'eat pizza crust first'S
Wendy's founder and CEO until his death in 2002T
Option offered by Jimmy John's where a sandwich is wrapped in lettuce instead of breadU
Taco Bell is the first quick service restaurant to offer food options certified by the American ______ Association (AVA)V
Restaurant chain generally credited as the first fast food chain in the United StatesW
Ingredient widely used in fast food as a thickening agentX
American fast food company which operates Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, and Wing StreetY
Southern United States fast food chain specializing in chicken wings and chicken stripsZ

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