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First name of US President who shares his 'Great Moments' on Main StreetA
Splash Mountain climaxes with a drop into here, Br'er Rabbit's homeB
Private restaurant located in DisneylandC
Haunted Mansion vehicleD
At Snow White's Scary Adventure's, this character peers out of a window every few minutesE
Walt Disney's private apartment was located on the second floor of this Main Street BuildingF
Animal featured on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad holding a stick of dynamite in its mouthG
Nickname for the yeti who appears several times in Matterhorn BobsledsH
Land once located where Critter Country currently sitsI
Defunct ride which took guests from one side of Mickey's Toontown to the otherJ
Merry-Go-Round type ride located in FantasylandK
A Peter Pan's Flight sequence takes riders over this major cityL
Namesake of riverboat found on the Rivers of AmericaM
Land that houses the popular Blue Bayou restaurantN
Name of the county Disneyland is located inO
Last attraction Walt Disney worked on before his deathP
The Dapper Dans are an example of this type of singing groupQ
Means of transportation to reach Tom Sawyer's IslandR
Before Tarzan moved in, this family owned his treehouseS
Character in the Jungle Cruise, he'll trade two of his heads for one of yoursT
Main Street ___U
Miniature train that was one of Disneyland's shortest-lived attractions of all timeV
Name of the fort located on Tom Sawyer's IslandW
One of Disney's most acclaimed imagineers, he wrote the Haunted Mansion scriptX
Oft-seen character in Star ToursY
Villain in Buzz Lightyear Astro BlastersZ

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