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On a Pictionary card, the 'A' stands for thisA
Currently billed as 'The Hilarious Bluffing Game'B
The only move in Chess in which a player moves two pieces in the same moveC
Synonym for CheckersD
In Trivial Pursuit, to receive a pink wedge one must correctly answer a question in this categoryE
Carcassone pieces, nicknamed 'meeple', are officially refered to as theseF
Despite its name, Chinese Checkers actually originated hereG
In Dungeons & Dragons, these are a measure of a character's healthH
This Monopoly token was in use from 1937-2013, and was replaced by a catI
1995 film where the main character is trapped in a board game for an extended period of timeJ
Diplomacy was known to be the favorite game of this man, himself an American diplomat under NixonK
Candyland's primary villainL
In Cluedo, this character rolls firstM
In Ticket to Ride, a destination ticket from Portland to here is valued at 17 pointsN
Shakespearean name for ReversiO
Trouble's unique die container is referred to as thisP
This strongest Chess piece is able to move in any direction for any number of spacesQ
In Settlers of Catan, brick, lumber, grain, ore, and wool are called thisR
The only mobile Stratego piece that defeats the Marshal, but only if it attacks firstS
Role-playing games often use a four-sided die, geometricaly called thisT
Scrabble-like game where tiles can be stacked on top of one another to create new wordsU
In (American) Monopoly, this property sits between Atlantic Ave. and Water WorksV
Game where numerical trivia questions are answered publicly, and then bets are placed on which answer is the closest to correct without going overW
One of China's most popular board games, it can be called Chinese ChessX
Asian Risk territoryY
A situation (often found in Chess) where it would be advantageous for a player to not move, but they are forced to do soZ

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