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The first person killed in the Boston Massacre, and possibly the American Revolution as a wholeA
Despite the name, the majority of the Battle of Bunker Hill took place hereB
The general of the British Army at the time of its surrender to French and American forcesC
1776 document announcing the thirteen colonies as sovereign states no longer under British ruleD
The British permanently withdrew from Boston on March 17, 1776, which is celebrated annually in the city as this holidayE
A collection of articles written primarily by Alexander Hamilton promoting the ratification of the U.S. ContitutionF
Gen. John Burgoyne's nickname, stemming from his tendency to live a fancy life and wear a stylish uniformG
Term given to German contract soldiers fighting for the BritishH
This 'Confederacy' of Native Americans fought largely with the BritishI
One of the four American signers of the Treaty of ParisJ
Site of a 1780 South Carolina battle where American militia scored a surprising victory over the LoyalistsK
Site of the first armed conflict between British and American forcesL
Title of the French officer who lobbied for French support and led troops in several decisive battlesM
Great Britain's Prime Minister who led them through most of the American War for IndependenceN
Document adopted by the Second Continental Congress in 1775 in a final attempt to avoid war with Great BritainO
Author of 'Common Sense', the pamphlet calling for American independence from Great BritainP
1774 Parliamentary Act requiring the colonies to British soldiers with any needed accomodations and housing.Q
Nickname for British soldiers stemming from the uniforms they woreR
Nickname of Francis Marion, an American officer who practiced guerilla warfare in South CarolinaS
Colonists who supported the British were referred to as 'loyalists', or thisT
The Preamble to the U.S. Constitution states the United States' effort to form a 'more perfect _____'U
Camp near Philadelphia where the Continental Army spent a brutal winter from 1777-78V
The first published African-American poet, she often used themes that expressed ideas of the rebellious colonistsW
King Louis ____ formally directed France's war effort and was instrumental in providing the colonists with supplies and support towards the latter end of the warX
Virginian site of the British Army's 1781 surrenderY
Heroine of the Seige of Fort Henry, her daring gunpowder retreival allowed the defenders to continue to hold the fort, which remained under American controlZ

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