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What is Dwight Schrute's middle name?
Pam mentions to Jim that a cover band for what famous band sent a video to she and Roy for their wedding?
What type of food does Kevin bring in to share with the office?
What was Michael for Halloween one year before the first season?
What country had an Office before America?
What position was Ryan the youngest to ever hold in the company's history?
The Warehouse had how many days accident- free before Michael crashes the lift?
What game did Stamford play as a 'team buidling exercise'?
What is Pam's favorite flavor of yogurt?
What is Dwight's favorite movie?
How many words per minute does Pam type?
How about Jim? (Look at Number 11)
What two characters make a pact that if neither of them have had a child in 30 years they will have one together?
What is the number that Dwight's wallet is in when Jim puts it in the vending machine?
What does Pam call it when she and Jim hum the same high- pitched note and force Dwight to call the ear doctor?
What strike does Michael mistakenly say it is when someone 'fools him twice'?
What does Kevin always set the thermostat at?
What is Michael's screenname for the online dating service?
What disease was Kevin thought to have on Michael's birthday in Season 2?
What was the exact moment that Michael was born at?

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