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Can you name the Pokemon Gym Badges by Gym?

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Forced Order
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Cerulean City
Sootopolis City
Pastoria City
Canalave City
Snowpoint City
Lavaridge Town
Cianwood City
Ecruteak City
Oreburgh City
Mahogany Town
Vermilion City
Azalea Town
Hearthome City
Fuchsia City
Saffron City
Cinnabar Island
Pewter City
Kumquat Island
Fortree City
Violet City
Rustboro City
Goldenrod City
Eterna City
Sunyshore City
Mauville City
Dewford Town
Petalburg City
Mikan Island
Trovita Island
Olivine City
Veilstone City
Viridian City
Navel Island
Blackthorn City
Mossdeep City
Celadon City

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