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Can you name the Pokemon from A-Z from the clues??

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AHas no evolutionary relatives and is not legendary (4)
BSteel type from Sinnoh (3)
CHas a unique type combination (7)
DDark types (3)
EBegins with 'El', but isn't electric type (1)
FHas only 1 'L' in its name (9)
GPoison type (7)
HEveryone in its evolutionary line begins with the same letter (11)
IEvolution of a starter (2)
JHas a unique type combination (3)
KBug type (4)
LHas 'X' in its name (2)
MBegins with 'Mo' (3)
NFrom Hoenn (5)
ONot from Kanto (2)
PEvo or Prevo of a Pseudo-Legendary (1)
QIs not after #200 in the Nationaldex (2)
RElectric type (3)
SFlying type (13)
TFighting type (5)
UPsychic type (2)
VUnova Pokemon (8)
WFairy type (2)
XEither of them (2)
YNon-Flying type (1)
ZPure typed (5)

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