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All the best swords have names; do you know them?

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Currently with...Blade NameFormerly with...
{Lost during the Dance of the Dragons}Ser Willum Royce
{Lost at sea}Tommen II Lannister
Brienne of TarthSer Jaime Lannister
{Destroyed}Lord Eddard Stark
UnknownJoffrey Baratheon
{Lost in the Trident}Joffrey Baratheon
UnknownLord Ormund Hightower
UnknownSer Galladon of Morne
House DrummHouse Reyne
Ashara DayneSer Arthur Dayne
UnknownMoredo Rogare
Currently with...Blade NameFormerly with...
UnknownBrynden 'Bloodraven' Rivers
Jon SnowSer Jeor Mormont
Stannis BaratheonAzor Ahai
UnknownSer Aegor 'Bittersteel' Rivers
Tommen BaratheonJoffrey Baratheon
Ser Harras HarlawUnnamed Harlaw
Lord Randyll TarlyUnnamed Tarly
UnknownSer Jon 'Bold Jon' Roxton
Arya StarkNo Previous Owner
Ser Lyn CorbraySer Gwayne Corbray

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