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Can you name the Russian Cities from Civilization V?

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CityGeographical/Historical Info
 Current capital and largest city; home of the Kremlin
 Second largest city and former imperial capital; home of the Hermitage
 One of the oldest Russian cities; formerly the easternmost member of the Hanseatic League
 There are two cities with this name: [Answer]-on-Don and [Answer] Veliky ('Veliky' mean 'The Great'). The first is a large port at the mouth of the Don River, the latter in the past was the capital of the Rostov principality.
 Founded by Yaroslav the Wise, a prince of Kievan Rus'
 Named after Katherine I by Peter the Great; important industrial center on Ural Mountains
 One of the coldest cities in the world
 Principal port in the Russian Far East, located by the Sea of Japan
 In the past an ancient Russian fort, today a city
 Ancient fortress, one of the most important strategic points during the Pugachev uprising.
 The most eastern city of Russia with a population of more than one million.
 Second-largest city in the Russian Far East, located on Amur River
 Ancient fortress, that is now a city.
 In the times of the Tatar-Mongolian Yoke, this city was a rival of Moscow for a label on the Grand Duchy.
 Third-largest city; located on important Trans-Siberian routes, large center of science and industry
 Famous for its golden mines and harsh climate
 Important ice-free port of northern Russia
 Largest city in eastern Siberia, located on the shores of Lake Baikal
 Town near Baikal lake.
CityGeographical/Historical Info
 One of the largest cities on the Volga.
 The first Russian sea port
 One of the main metallurgical cities in Russia.
 First Russian city in Siberia.
 The city in the north of European Russia.
 One of the biggest cities of Siberia
 Port on Caspian Sea
 The city in the European part of Russia.
 One of the largest cities in Russian South.
 In the past an ancient Russian fort, today a city and center of military industry
 Just like Novgorod and Kiev, this city was in the past the capital of Russia.
 The city is a millionaire in the Urals.
 The smallest city in Russia with a population of more than a million people.
 It was founded by the colonists from Novgorod.
 A small town in the north of European Russia.
 The city, located northeast of Moscow, is known for its well-developed textile industry, as well as the neighboring city of Ivanovo.
 In this city in 1612, a local merchant Kuzma Minin collected at his own expense a second people's militia, which was able to drive Poles from Moscow. The city is famous for its automobile plant GAZ.
 One of the oldest cities in Russia, which retained its much more ancient monuments than most cities of Kievan Rus, such as Kiev.
 The only city in Russia that is located both in Europe and Asia. Known for its mineral deposits.

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