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Can you name the Greek Cities from Civilization V?

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CityGeographical/Historical Info
 Capital of and largest city in Greece, home of the Parthenon
 Former Ancient Polis renowned for its military prowess in ancient times
 Former Ancient Polis
 Former Ancient Polis Noted for its enmity with Sparta
 A prime city in Krete and the city ruled by legendary King Minos
 A notable old center of Greek civilization
 Capital of the Kingdom of Myrmidons
 Home of the Temple of Artemis
 Home of Mausoleum of Halicarnassus
 Former Ancient City-State, home of the Colossus
 Former Ancient City-State
 The capital of the Attalid Kingdom
 One of the 12 Ionian Greek poleis of the Ionian League
 Early dependency of Corinth, and a notable polis in regards to the Peloponnesian Wars
 Ionian Polis, metropolis of Massalia in modern southern France, Emporion in modern eastern Spain, and Elea in Magna Graecia
 Polis in the Peloponnesos, minorly known for artisanship especially in sculpting and a member of the Achaian League
 Hill fort that preceded the Mykenaian Period
 Ionian polis known for wine
 A city in Lesbos and its modern capital
 One of the 12 poleis of the Ionian League
 Aigeian island famous for white marble
 A religious center in the Peloponnese
CityGeographical/Historical Info
 A small power in the Peleponnesos
 Corinthian colony and home of Archimedes
 Name of multiple cities
 A major power in Krete with human presence since Neolithic period
 Notable city of Euboia, second largest island of Greece
 Former municipality that was settled even in the times of Neolithic period
 2nd capital of the Ancient Greek Macedonia and birthplace of Alexandros III
 The representative city of the eponymous island, which is the largest of the Cyclades group
 (Duplicate of #16)
 A city housing one of the 7 Churches in Revelation
 Headquarter of Thessalian League
 An ambiguous name for multiple poleis, such as the chief Makedonian city in Chalcidice that is mentioned by Xenophon
 A city in Messenia, known for helot population of Spartan order
 An ambiguous name which can point to either the polis in Boiotia or Arcadia
 Capital of Epeiros, which is famous for Pyrrhos Aiakides from whom the term 'Pyrrhic Victory' is coined
 Famous for its Asklepieion and association with Hippokrates
 Carian city that belongs to the Dorian Hexapolis alongside Halikarnassos
 Athenian colony in the Macedonian region
 A Mykenaian period city that is now the third largest urban region of Western Greece
 City in Central Greece formerly known as Zetounion
 Seaport town in Peloponnesos and a town that went through many changes in ownership, including a period of control by Venetians
 Not an actual place but a location in Biblical mythos

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