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Can you name the Egyptian Cities from Civilization V?

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CityGeographical/Historical Info
 Religious center
 Near the Pyramids, ceremonial city often used for prolific burials (such as those of Pharaohs) and celebrations; actual capital of Egypt
 Ancient city near Cairo
 An island in the Nile River, part of modern Aswan, Egypt
 Major historical port city, home of Great Library and Great Lighthouse
 City built by Ramesses II that served as his de facto capital
 The third largest city in modern Egypt
 Largest city in the Mount Lebanon Governorate of Lebanon
 Ancient city in the Amarna site; abandoned after the death of its namesake
 The former religious and political capital of Upper Egypt
 Capital of ancient Upper Egypt
 Near the modern city of the same name
 Ancient city in the Nile Delta; absorbed into Pi-Ramesses
 Modern village near the ancient city of el-Lisht
 Now Tell al-Fara’in near Desouk, Egypt
 Now a modern city on the Nile
 The exact location is uncertain; was also called Heroonopolis and Per-Atum
 The name of several ancient cities in Upper and Middle Egypt
 The village of the workers that constructed the Pyramids
 Greek name for two different ancient Egyptian cities
 Known as Tell El-Ruba today
 The name of a modern town
 An oasis city, and capital of Djanet District, Illizi Province, Algeria
 Now known as Tell Basta
 Now the city of Minya, Egypt
 Ancient city in Lower Egypt
 Modern city; ancient city was known as Khent-min
 Karnak Temple Complex
CityGeographical/Historical Info
 Modern city formerly known as Thebes
 Area that includes the city of Nekhen (Hieraconpolis)
 A modern and ancient city near Thebes
 Modern city built over an ancient site
 A workers village for the Senusret II Pyramid
 An ancient city in Middle Egypt
 An archaeological site at the entrance to the Fayyum Oasis
 A necropolis known for the Dashur Pyramids
 A small settlement where Alexandria was founded
 A modern and ancient city
 The name of the predynastic Egyptian culture or the site they occupied
 Archaeological site near Cairo, Egypt
 Roman name for Nen-nesu
 A mondern and ancient city on the East bank of the Nile
 Beni Hasan is an ancient Egyptian cemetery
 The name of the site where the predynastic Tasain culture existed
 The name of the site where the predynastic Badarian culture existed
 The site of ancient Khum, near modern El Ashmunein
 El Amrah is an ancient cemetery in Egypt
 The process of Egyptian unification started here
 A small town in the Qena Governorate in Egypt
 An important Middle Kingdom town, which was enlarged during the Eighteenth Dynasty
 A town on the West bank of the Nile in Qena Governorate, Egypt
 The Tomb of Aniba
 An ancient town in Nubia, or a necropolis
 A region in ancient Nubia
 The archaeological site that contains Akhetaten

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