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Can you name the Panic! At the Disco in Other Languages?

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Forced Order
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Translated Song TitleSong TitleLanguage
The harp You know, it's something I do not knowYoruba
He was in the worldBengali
Game A girl can have without taking off his clothes lyingUzbek
Girl, your loveChinese (Traditional)
It is A Good WomanYoruba
Thought Stream's a good reason this deployment are numbered Honey, you just have notYiddish
The thousands of Mona LisaHmong
The only difference between them is torture and suicide Press ReviewGeorgian
Translated Song TitleSong TitleLanguage
Commerce MistakesEstonian
I see what you doBengali
Nails for breakfast, appetizers buttonsBelarusian
Day Night metUzbek
He set up after the talkAzerbaijani
So we hungerFilipino
So far DieCebuano
I have a friend Print Spaces St.Vietnamese

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