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Name the My Chemical Romance song that's been translated into a different language then back into English.

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Forced Order
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Translated Song TitleSong TitleLanguage
To save myself, I would want to continue BackJavanese
Is this how I lostUzbek
The world is badSwahili
His Death fakeMyanmar
What is it like for you guys in prisonGujarati
You never hurt a vampireNepali
After your eyes lightNepali
Translated Song TitleSong TitleLanguage
It's not in the fashion with which the will to dieKannada
Country poisonLithuanian
Thoughtlessly for HaloTurkish
Thanks to these toxinsMalay
This sharp lifeKhmer
Is there hope for me onlyUzbek
I never tired of what is a LivingMalayalam

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